La formation... DEUST Sport adapté, activités physiques adaptées : déficiences intellectuelles, troubles psychiques

Le titulaire du DEUST est un professionnel capable de travailler auprès de personnes déficientes (psychiques ou physiques) et répondre à leurs besoins.
DEUST Sport adapté activités physiques adaptées

The holder of the DEUST Adapted Sport, Adapted Physical Activities: intellectual disabilities, mental disorders is a professional capable of working with disabled people (mental or physical) and meeting their needs. It allows them to control their environments. It helps them to practice activities while ensuring their safety and that of those around them. The knowledge he possesses on the structures of social, medico-social, mental health and regulations allow him to perform his tasks well.


At the end of the training, the student can work as a physical and sports activity facilitator in a specialized structure:

  • Medico-educational establishment
  • Hospital Center
  • Aftercare center
  • Regional and departmental committees of the adapted sport federation
  • Sports Association
  • Medico-psychological center
  • Children’s home with social characteristics
  • Accommodation and social reintegration center.

The trials

To obtain the adapted DEUST Sport, adapted physical activities: intellectual disabilities, mental disorders, the student must pass the exams in a training center and validate the learning in a professional environment. The knowledge assessment is done by continuous checks allowing the student to move to the next level. It covers all the teaching modules covered during the course. At the end of the fourth semester, the internships give rise to a written report presented orally to members of the jury.

Schools preparing for the DEUST

To succeed in the DEUST adapted sport, adapted physical activities: intellectual disabilities, mental disorders, it is important to prepare it well. In France, establishments offer training that allows them to obtain the diploma, for example the Faculty of Sports Sciences of the University of Strasbourg.

The training program

Holders of a baccalaureate, DAEU-A or other equivalent diploma are admitted to the first year.

In the program, the following areas are studied:

  • Methodology of projects and workshop designs around the game to identify the subject’s link to another, to learning, to the educational system, to the environment and to culture
  • Aquatic activities and autism
  • Sensory awareness and poly-handicap
  • Climbing and adolescent care project
  • Team games and sports and information processing for disabled workers
  • Athletic Activities and Self-Management for IME Children
  • Hiking and orientation management for IMPro teenagers in future projects
  • Equestrian activities (in educational farm) with children of pediatric psychiatry
  • Circus arts and body language development for ITEP children
  • Dance and expression activities
  • Discovery of winter mountain activities and self-management for adults living in the home
  • Dual opposition activities « combat », « racket games » and conflict management
  • Coastal navigation in living quarters and break-away stay for adults living at home
  • Rollerblading and risk-taking (in meeting and in learning) for adults from CHRS
  • Representation and handicap
  • Knowledge of the specialized environment
  • Knowledge of impairments and psychic suffering
  • Knowledge of social action and health policies
  • Normal and pathological development of the child
  • Problems of adolescence
  • Problems of aging in disabled people (the lived body)
  • Institutional devices: a dialectic between politics and the clinic
  • Ethics and education / professional responsibility
  • Philosophical and literary approach – from the act of reading to the elaboration of a text and theatrical staging (encounter, otherness, strangeness …)
  • Mediation tools: photo and video social link creation media
  • Event planning
  • Computing and new information technologies
  • Foreign language
  • Professional project and job search
  • Analysis of internship situations
  • Internship (Educational intervention in a specialized environment; workshops accompanied by clinical analysis; Educational internship in a professional situation)

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