La formation... DEUST Maintenance et infrastructures de réseaux

Le titulaire du DEUST Maintenance et infrastructures de réseaux est un professionnel formé pour intervenir dans le domaine de l’informatique.
DEUST Maintenance et infrastructures de réseaux

The holder of the DEUST Maintenance and Network Infrastructures is a professional trained to intervene in the field of IT. The graduate is responsible for the maintenance of the device and the installation of networks. Under the responsibility of a line manager, the senior technician diagnoses the malfunction and troubleshoots it based on a technical database.


Private companies, local communities, industry, computer engineering companies and administrative services have recourse to the skills of a holder of the DEUST Maintenance and Network Infrastructures.

He exercises the profession of:

  • Network technician
  • IT (or network) maintenance agent
  • IT park manager
  • Server Manager
  • Hot liner
  • Telecommunications technician
  • Operations technician
  • Computer systems maintenance technician.

In addition to integration into a professional environment, the student has the possibility of continuing his studies by preparing a professional license in the IT sector.

The trials

To obtain the DEUST Maintenance and Network Infrastructures, the student must pass the exams in a training center and validate the apprenticeship in a professional environment. The knowledge assessment is done by continuous checks allowing the student to move to the next level. It covers all the teaching modules covered during the course. At the end of the fourth semester, the internships give rise to a written report presented orally to members of the jury.

  • Mathematics (Descriptive Statistics and Probability)
  • English
  • Oral and written expression
  • Signal analysis
  • Electronic functions and circuits
  • Optical connections
  • Programming
  • Securing the information system
  • PC architecture
  • Metrology
  • Network components
  • Operating systems
  • Management and maintenance
  • Signal processing
  • Personal safety and quality
  • Commercial Technics
  • Old technology.


To succeed in the DEUST Maintenance and Network Infrastructures, it is important to prepare it well. In France, many establishments offer training that allows them to obtain the diploma, for example the UFR of physics, University of Lille 1.

Training program

The training is open to students who have already passed the first semester of the license. Baccalaureate holders can enter on the condition of taking the logic, physics and French test, followed by a motivational interview and a study on file. The registrants follow 2 years of teaching, organized in 3 semesters. To complete the knowledge, a 3-month internship is required.

Semester 1

The student in initial training has the choice between: following a Bachelor semester (or another training) or following a modified License.

Semester 2

  • Descriptive statistics and probability
  • Signal analysis – Function electronics
  • Optical links, without IR wires
  • C programming
  • English
  • Networks I and Information system security
  • PC architecture – UNIX system – Wiring and connection

Semester 3

  • Oral and written expression techniques
  • Networks II and Securing the information system
  • Object Oriented Programming – Operating Systems
  • Signal processing
  • Circuit electronics
  • English, technical English

Semester 4

  • Metrology
  • Network components
  • Network management and maintenance
  • Personal safety and quality
  • Knowledge of the company – Commercial techniques
  • Old technology


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