La formation... DEUST Assistant juridique

Le DEUST Assistant juridique valide les connaissances en droit public et privé, acquises durant deux années de formation.
DEUST Assistant juridique

The DEUST Legal Assistant validates the knowledge in public and private law, acquired during two years of training. The diploma aims to provide the student with knowledge related to the legal field of business. In the performance of his duties, the graduate must be able to collect, process and classify the information requested. The organization and the method ensure the smooth running of its work. With great writing skills, the assistant also drafts contracts and deeds.


The holder of a DEUST Legal Assistant can work in a legal department of a company, a law firm, accountants or notaries.

His profession varies according to his field of intervention. He can work as:

  • Jural advisor
  • Company lawyer
  • Clerk of bailiff, notary or lawyer
  • Technical community employee
  • Judicial secretary

Certain category B competitions in the public service accept the graduate’s candidacy on condition that they have followed specific preparation.

The legal assistant has the possibility of continuing his studies by registering for a professional license related to his specialty. After the valuation of prior learning, the third year of the law license accepts this diploma.

The trials

To obtain the DEUST Legal Assistant, the student must pass the exams in a training center and validate the apprenticeship in a professional environment. The knowledge assessment is done by continuous checks allowing the student to move to the next level. It covers all the teaching modules covered during the course. At the end of the fourth semester, the internships give rise to a written report presented orally to members of the jury.

  • Computer science
  • English language)
  • Written and oral expression
  • Company law
  • Business Law
  • Social law in the company
  • Contractual technique
  • Corporate tax law
  • Competition and consumption
  • Formalities and procedures
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting
  • Administration law.

Schools preparing for the DEUST

To pass the DEUST Legal Assistant, it is important to prepare it well. In France, many establishments offer training that allows them to obtain the diploma, among others: The Faculty of Law, Economics and Management – University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis.

Training program

The baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma makes it possible to integrate this two-year training. In accordance with the specialty targeted, the acquisition of knowledge is focused on the law module. A 10 to 12 week internship in a professional environment completes the 1200 hours of lessons in the center.

Semester 1

  • Civil right
  • Constitutional right
  • Trade Law
  • Civil property law
  • Computer science
  • English
  • Written and oral expression

Semester 2

  • Law of obligations and contracts
  • General administrative law
  • Corporate law
  • Private accounting
  • Office automation
  • Payroll management
  • English
  • Written and oral expression

Semester 3

  • Social right
  • Private notarial law
  • Special administrative law
  • Drafting of acts
  • English
  • Written and oral expression

Semester 4

  • Business Law
  • Criminal law and criminal procedure
  • Civil procedure and means of execution
  • Drafting of acts
  • English
  • Written and oral expression
  • In-depth office automation, Diary and switchboard keeping
  • Traineeship


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