La formation... CAP Tailleur de pierre

Le titulaire du CAP tailleur de pierre contribue à la construction, la rénovation et la restauration d’ouvrages de toute nature.
CAP Tailleur de pierre


The holder of the stone cutter CAP contributes to the construction, renovation and restoration of structures of all kinds (houses, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial buildings, heritage structures, etc.). It carries out works such as the elevation of walls and walls, facade cladding, decoration, ornamentation, interior and exterior fittings… It has ancestral know-how while being open to the latest technological developments. He works with granite, limestone, sandstone… depending on the work to be produced. 


The holder of the CAP Stone cutter works as a worker or craftsman stonemason. It can work:

  • within a building and public works company
  • within a company specializing in the restoration of historical monuments
  • for a funeral marble maker.

He also has the possibility of continuing his studies by preparing another CAP (Marble maker in building and decoration, stone engraver), a Bac pro Trades in stone, a BP Trades de la pierre or a BP Tailleur de pierre des monuments historical.

The trials

Professional tests

  • EP 1: Professional situation analysis (one-off written – 3 hours)
  • EP 2: Realization of a work (occasional practical – 21 hours)
  • EP 3: Implementation of a work (occasional practical – 4 to 7 hours)

General tests

  • EG 1: French and history-geography (occasional written and oral – 2 hours)
  • EG 2: Mathematics-science (written punctual – 2 hours)
  • EG 3: Physical and sports education (occasional)

The optional test

  • Modern language (occasional oral – 20 minutes)

Training schools

To pass the Stone Cutter CAP, it is important to prepare it well. Dozens of establishments offer training courses to master the profession, among others:

  • BTP CFA of Indre-et-Loire in Saint-Pierre-des-Corps
  • Barbezieux trades campus in Barbezieux-Saint-Hilaire
  • CFA of the Companions of Duty and the Tour de France (in Epone, Bordeaux, Cepoy, Paris or Saumur)

Training program

The CAP Tailleur de pierre is accessible to candidates with a third level of college. The training lasts two years, including 14 weeks in a company.

General Education

  • French
  • Story
  • Mathematics
  • Physical education and sport
  • Living language

Vocational education

  • Materials study
  • Hand tool technology and material effects
  • Tool sharpening and maintenance
  • Material handling technology
  • Dressing edges and surfaces
  • Approach to the history of architecture
  • Technology specific to the restoration, maintenance and protection of works.

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