La formation... CAP Distribution d’objets et service à la clientèle

Titulaire du diplôme, vous maîtrisez toutes les facettes du traitement du courrier à savoir sa réception, son expédition et sa distribution
CAP Distribution d'objets et service à la clientèle

The Certificate of Professional Aptitude Distribution of objects and customer service is a level V diploma recognized by the State. Holder of this diploma, you are required to be in contact with customers. You must also master all facets of mail processing, namely its receipt, dispatch and distribution.


The graduate works in the tertiary sector, namely: public operator, sorting center and post office. If you are hired in a commercial company, your mission will be to educate customers about the products and services of the courier. As an agent in financial services, it is your responsibility to direct clients to specialists in your establishment. With a CAP Distribution of objects and customer service in your pocket, you can also apply for the post of postman.

The trials

The minimum age required to take the diploma is 18 years old. It is strongly recommended to have had a driving license B for at least 2 years.

Professional tests

  • EP1 – Distribution (practice) duration 2h
  • EP2 – Customer relationship management (oral) duration 3h
  • EP3 – Study of professional situations (written) duration 2 hours
  • Prevention – Health – Environment (written) duration 1h

General tests

Candidates holding a CAP, BEP, BEPA, a diploma of access to university studies or classified at least at level IV are exempt from the general tests.

  • EG1 – French and History – Geography – Civic education (written) duration 2h15mn
  • EG2 – Mathematics – Physical and Chemical Sciences (written) duration 2h
  • EG3 – Physical and Sports Education

Optional tests

  • EF – Modern language (oral) duration 20mn in addition to a 20mn preparation

Training schools

In order to successfully pass the CAP Object Distribution and Customer Service tests, the candidate needs to prepare in optimal conditions. The Consular Institute of Professional Education ICEP under the supervision of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers training spread over 2 years. It is a training establishment serving companies, professional branches, young people and adults.

Training program

Vocational education

  • Distribution, customer relationship management and study of professional situations
  • Products, services and regulations
  • Economic and legal initiation
  • Professional communication
  • Hygiene and safety
  • Techniques and processes, installation technologies, machinery and maintenance
  • The quality

General Education

  • French / History Geography
  • Mathematics / Sciences
  • Physical education and sport

Optional teaching

  • Living language

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