La formation... CAP carreleur mosaïste

Le CAP carreleur mosaïste est un diplôme reconnu par tous les professionnels de la pose de revêtement. Tout savoir sur le CAP carreleur mosaïste…
CAP Carreleur mosaïque

The CAP (Professional Aptitude Certificate) Mosaic Tiler is an official diploma recognized by all coating professionals. The holder of this diploma carries out the coating of floors and walls both inside and outside. He performs the cutting and laying of tiles but also various masonry work. 


The Mosaic Tiler CAP allows you to work in a company specializing in coating.
After having obtained your diploma, you will be able to practice the profession of tiler (euse) -mosaicist.

You will also be able to continue your studies and prepare a BP (professional certificate) Mosaic tile or a Bac Pro Building planning and finishing.


The candidate must be 16 years old, no diploma condition is required.

4 General tests
Candidates with a BEP, CAP, BAC or equivalent are exempt from the general tests.

  • EG1 – French and History-Geography (written and oral) – Duration 2H15
  • EG2 – Mathematics and Sciences (written) – Duration 2H
  • EG3 – Physical and sports education
  • EG4 – Optional test of a modern foreign language (only marks over 10 are taken into account) – Oral of 20 minutes

3 Professional tests

  • EP1 – Analysis of a professional situation (written) – Duration 3 hours
  • EP2 – Realization of common tiling works (practical) – 2 p.m.
  • EP3 – Realization of mosaics and specialized works (practice) – Duration 7h

Example of a subject at the CAP Carreleur mosaiste

Extract of an EP2 test – Realization of common works in tiling – Duration: 14h.

The work consists of a washbasin support built against a wall.
It includes:
1. Two legs in cellular concrete 7 cm thick;
2. A worktop made of ready-to-tile panel of reinforced extruded polystyrene 5 cm thick;
3. 10 x 10 “porcelain stoneware” tiles (color 2), laid straight on a bed of fresh mortar (including 1 row under the basin support);
4. Glued 15 x 15 earthenware tiles (white) to cover the basin support, including a reservation;
5. Glued 15 x 15 earthenware tiles (white and color 1) laid with cut joints on the wall, including a reservation for a 54 cm x 54 cm mirror;
6. Glued 15 x 15 earthenware tiles (white and color 1) in a frieze.
7. Horizontal angles made with ¼ round white PVC profiles;
8. Beveled vertical angles.
The joints are 2 mm wide. They are made with white “joint mortar” for the earthenware and gray “joint mortar” for the floor.

Suggestion of time organization:
– Reading the file and setting up (1 hour);
– Construction of the basin support (2h);
– Realization of the sealed installation (4h);
– Covering of the basin support (2h30);
– Laying of the frieze (1h);
– Installation of the wall covering (2h30);
– Realization of joints (1h)

Schools preparing for the CAP Tiler mosaicist

To pass the Mosaic Tiler CAP, you need to prepare it well. For this, distance schools have specialized in the preparation of this CAP.

Training program

General Education ;

  • French
  • History geography
  • Civic education
  • Mathematics
  • Chemical Physics
  • Living language

Professional education:

  • Tile work and cutting
  • Mastery of installation techniques
  • Knowledge of products and materials
  • Learning treatment, waterproofing and insulation processes
  • Realization of a screed
  • Technology
  • Health and security at work

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