La formation... CAP Agent de maintenance des industries de matériaux de construction et connexes

Le titulaire du CAP sera en charge des réparations et de l’entretien des matériaux de construction dans des entreprises les fabriquant.
CAP agent maintenance industries de matériaux de construction et connexes

Possession of a CAP Maintenance Agent in the construction materials and related industries is useful for exercising trades in companies manufacturing construction materials. Its owner will be responsible for repairing and maintaining the materials useful for this activity. It performs milling, adjustment, welding, etc.


The CAP Maintenance Agent in the construction materials and related industries offers a bright outlook for the future. The holder of this degree may work in the mining and construction materials industries. He can :

  • hold a post of chief engineer in industrial maintenance, maintenance agent and mechanic troubleshooter
  • be employed in nuclear maintenance companies, in the logistics department, in the after-sales service
  • continue their studies to prepare various diplomas:
    • BEP: Professional Studies Certificate in 1 year
    • CQP: Professional Qualification Certificate
    • MC: Additional mention in 1 year
    • Professional baccalaureate in 2 years (possible in certain fields, access on file with a very good general level)
    • BP: Professional studies certificate
    • BM: Master’s degree (access with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience).

The experience he will obtain during his career will allow him to deploy his autonomy, and broaden his possibilities for professional development.

The trials

To obtain the CAP Maintenance agent in the construction materials and related industries, the candidate must pass the practical and written tests.

Practical tests:

  • UP 1. Execution of a work
  • UP 2. Maintenance and troubleshooting

Written tests :

  • UG 1. French expression
  • UG 2. Drawing
  • UG 3. Applied Mathematics
  • UG 4. Technology and accident prevention
  • UG 5. Social and professional life


To pass the CAP Maintenance agent in the building materials and ancillary industries, it is preferable to prepare it well. After the 5th year, young people can enroll in establishments offering preparatory courses for this CAP, such as CFA UNICEM, for example.

Training program

The teaching is divided into two parts:

Professional education:

  • Metrology
  • Fitting
  • Work on machine tools
  • Strength
  • Welding and flame cutting
  • Sheet metal and locksmith
  • Pneumatics, hydraulics and electricity

General Education :

  • French
  • Design
  • Mathematics (arithmetic, geometry …) / Physical sciences
  • General and professional technology
  • Social and family economy, labor legislation

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