La formation... BUT Information communication parcours information numérique dans les organisations

Le titulaire du diplôme assure la collection, l’analyse, le traitement et l’organisation des informations pour une organisation.

The BUT (University Bachelor of Technology) Information communication course digital information in organizations is a national level 6 diploma. The holder of the diploma ensures the collection, analysis, processing and organization of information for an organization. It also develops communication actions relating to documentary resources.


The holder of the GOAL Information communication digital information path in organizations works in a private or public company, in associations or in a local authority.

The GOAL is a diploma which immediately leads to the job market. At the end of the second year of BUT, which lasts three years, it is possible for the student to validate a DUT, which remains a recognized diploma and sought after by companies. However, it is also possible to continue your studies by integrating a school, or a master’s degree in the fields of documentation, information, writing and even digital.

At the end of the training, he works as a librarian, informant-counselor, documentary editor or iconographer.

The trials

The GOAL Information communication digital information path in organizations is accessible to holders of a general baccalaureate, a technological baccalaureate or a vocational baccalaureate.

The duration of the training is 3 years, or 6 semesters.

Each semester is made up of Teaching Units (UE). The EU can be capitalized. A semester is validated if the student has obtained at least 10 average for the whole semester and at least 8 average for each teaching unit.

To obtain a GOAL, the student must validate the 6 semesters. There may be compensation between consecutive semesters on the basis of a general average equal to or greater than 10 and an average greater than or equal to 8 for each of the teaching units constituting the semesters concerned. Even if the diploma extends over 3 years, the student will now have the possibility of validating a DUT at the end of the 2nd year, which is a diploma always valued by professionals. 

At the end of the training, he must write an end of studies thesis. The latter will be the subject of an oral presentation before juries.

Schools preparing for the GOAL

To succeed in the GOAL Information communication digital information pathway in organizations, it is important to prepare it well. In France, establishments offer this training, for example:

  • IUT Paul Sabatier, UT3 University Toulouse III
  • IUT of Besançon-Vesoul, site of Besançon, University of Franche-Comté
  • IUT of Le Havre, University of Le Havre
  • IUT Nancy-Charlemagne, University of Lorraine
  • IUT 2, Grenoble Alpes University (COMUE)

Training program

The training for obtaining the GOAL Information communication digital information pathway in organizations takes three years and is organized in 6 semesters.

  • Introduction to expression and languages
  • Introduction to human and social sciences
  • Professional impulse
  • Establishment of methods and practices
  • Development in expression and languages
  • Decryption in human and social sciences
  • Professional discovery
  • Deployment of methods and practices
  • Progression in expression and language s
  • Professional foreshadowing
  • Extension of methods and practices
  • Preliminary complementary modules
  • Conclusion in expression and languages
  • Professional realization
  • Consolidation of methods and practices
  • Complementary continuation modules
  • Professional internship (8 weeks minimum)

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